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Richard Neill
Richard founded Adventure Pictures almost two decades ago to tell the stories of the people, places, and technologies changing our world. A Director of Photography by background, he has directed and shot corporate image films for Silicon Valley startups, short form media for organizations such as Public Architecture, The Nature Conservancy, and The Lemelson Foundation, and award-winning television specials for National Geographic Television and Discovery Channel. He has an MFA in Photography and regularly teaches media production workshops at colleges and universities. 

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Elizabeth Garsonnin
Elizabeth specializes in directing and producing in the nonprofit and social entrepreneurship sectors. In the last few years, she has produced and directed numerous tribute films of notable people in Australia, Turkey and the U.S. For more than two decades she was Director of Broadcast Production at the public interest communications agency, Public Media Center. She has directed and produced television, radio, web and print programs for numerous groundbreaking ad campaigns. Her global travel experience includes working as a producer, director and editor on award-winning natural history productions in the Galapagos Islands, the Canadian North and the Pribilof Islands. Elizabeth has a background in fine art and design and is an exhibiting painter.